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S-l-o-w Going…

One of the least fun things to do on your road bike is to go slow but having your bike under control at very slow speeds is definitely a skill… and a skill that should be learned and practised often.  Various manoeuvres require this invaluable, steady type of control, e.g., U-turns, getting caught in peak hour traffic, riding uneven surfaces, steep driveways.

 Read Your Rubbers

Tyres miraculously keep your bike upright, pointed in the right direction and are a super-important to stop you falling off. Reading tyre wear patterns is a skill worth learning, so you know what’s going on, down below, whether you’re a weekend, highway-warrior, daily commuter or adventure gal…

Group Riding Etiquette

Hey… don’t you love getting together for a ride with friends… checking out some new twisties, following the coast, trailing through the bush tracks or just off to find somewhere with a bike-friendly atmosphere to have lunch, catching up for a long over-due chit-chat and a few laughs! Riding in a larger group, however, is a whole new concept of riding.


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