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Balance was required. No-one had mentioned balance. Balance and I are not the best of friends. I’m pretty sure when the gods were handing out balance, I toppled out of that line and missed my share…



Adventurous  Outback Grandma

Madigan Line here we come… been waiting a while for this ride… leaving Algebuckina Bridge we intended to head for a swim at Dalhousie and look at the ruins on the way, we didn’t make either of these due to a road closure…



Who the Hell is this Chick!

Being adventurous, I became involved at the local street drags, a well-monitored get together from the early 90s, where cars and mainly bikes were drag-raced on a barely used section of Yuendumu Road, just north of town. After getting hooked on adrenalin, speed and winning, I decided…



Love at first sight

With so much hard-core bling and performance, how would you go about naming something like this; it needed something authentic, powerful, meaningful… felt from the soul. As she was going through the gorge in the pitch black, alone, with only the rumble of pipes for sound, she became awestruck by a surreal sense of absolute euphoria…


WARNING: Highly Addictive!!

My dream ride is when I’m all alone on the open road, when the air is cool and I’ve got a full tank of fuel. My favourite ride is from Caloundra, along Steve Irwin Way, up the mountains to Maleny, then back towards



My Life in Motorcycling

So it was with much excitement on a sunny Waikato day that I carefully let the clutch out and turned the throttle on the AG. Upon which, I promptly grabbed too much throttle and rode swiftly into a barberry hedge. Not a great start to my motorcycling career but I got the hang of it eventually…



The Phoenix…

Kim is a genuine all-out rider and enjoys discovering new places; her dream is to take The Phoenix around Australia enjoying her other love, photography. The Phoenix is her life and her passion… and a beautiful, classy little lady she is at that…



Riding Tassie

I’m all for encouraging other women to just enjoy the ride, whether cruising or adventuring, having fun or enjoying the more technical and challenges that presents us.



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