Welcome back from Madam Rider…

Kia ora to our female riders and friends. Some of you may be wondering why your online magazine, Madam Rider, has been down for a few months.

I’m sure some of you can relate, as a small business owner, getting the right expert help can mean the difference between surviving that crucial first year or heartbreaking defeat. Challenges have come thick and fast, but none more frustrating than the website itself.

Simply put, the site has been down due to some harrowing website developer nightmares and I’ve finally managed to find someone able to help untangle the massive destruction. I’ve felt like so much of a failure due to all this, where in fact I was the victim of cybercrime. I needed to take a breather to research, recoup and redesign, so now I have finally found a website superstar, to help with all the geeky stuff, I’ve been unable to manage.

So, ladies, for Australasia’s original publication specifically for you, it’s onwards and upwards, because here at Madam Rider we are all about empowerment, overcoming obstacles, gaining and sharing knowledge and inspirational yarns.

Our updated Superior Services will have your technical kit and protective gear sorted.

Let’s bring peace, light, happiness and an abundance of wind therapy to Australasian wāhine who happen to love to ride motorcycles. After what we’ve all been through these last few years, it feels more important than ever to live our best lives.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Let’s support each other. Let’s just ride.

We’ll always keep it real by showing you the genuine women behind the extraordinary…









A HUGE shout out to the following peeps, for their recent, extraordinary support and commitment:

Nathan from Framemark Web Design in Bendigo Victoria, who went above and way beyond expectations of resuscitating my badly compromised website. So in tune with his client’s needs; he’s full of modern and fresh ideas and his commitment to a quality and timely service is super-impressive. Thank you!

Freelance Journalist and Marketing Consultant, Sara Harte, also from Bendigo… who brought renascence to the website, with her sassy design ideas. She also applied her talented writing and editing skills for fresh marketing of Madam Rider. Thank you!

Stefano Cosentino (Big Stef) for his bravery in joining the Madam Rider team to approach potential advertisers. His motivation, encouragement and positivity is all of what we love here at Madam Rider and he has loads of it. Thank you!

Mary Knightsrider for her continual, unwavering support and her input into Madam Rider through her new reviews and stories; another strong and positive woman. Thank you!

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