Staying feminine and sassy when riding… 

There’s the never-ending dilemma with… to makeup or not to makeup and if you do makeup then how does it stay on and look good without ending up throughout your helmet liner or smeared down your face? If someone can come up with the perfect no-fail solution without costing next year’s wages please let us know, but in the meantime let’s see if we can discuss some basic tips on makeup and dreaded helmet hair and how to keep us looking pretty sassy once that helmet is lifted…

Just because we gear up, cover ourselves in leather, Kevlar, padded armour, denim and other textiles with protective gear and place helmets over our great hairdos, doesn’t mean we’re doomed to get off the bike with smudged mascara, smeared foundation only to look like someone who’s just been through a Whirly-Whirly. For those like me who like to still look tidy, feminine and fresh when getting off the bike, there’s a few time efficient tips I’ve found…

Mascara: Word out is the best type to go for is waterproof mascara as it doesn’t seem to flake or smudge like the standard version, which is a definite bonus as there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination with smudged mascara down to your cheeks. It also helps prevent leakage, which is handy coz geez it’s distracting when your eyes are blinking and twitching in pain from those sharp and irritating mascara flakes under the eyelids… kinda tricky riding along with one eye watering, blinking affecting your vision and trying to clear the eye with a leather clad finger.

Cheek and eye colour: if using eyeliner, it’s often best kept for just the top of your lid, to help prevent transference to under your eyes from sweating and if you want a little natural colour on your lids and glow to your cheeks, try a natural shade of lipstick… it won’t flake and it’s just a small thing to carry in your purse, for any quick touch-ups.

Lips: A great lasting lipstick I swear by is the Revlon Colourstay, pretty much lasts me the entire day, unless there’s a greasy burger involved at lunchtime… it also passes the kissing test.

Eyebrows: There’s a few eyebrow mascaras out there to add some colour and shape but I just use an old toothbrush head, to brush them… usually does the trick and haven’t had any issue with colour running, when an eyebrow pencil is blended that way.

Foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen: Foundation types are a very personal choice, so will leave that for this article; hopefully we can discuss that another time from readers success, or not, stories. I use a BB cream or tinted moisturiser with sunscreen and in addition I will still dab a quality sunscreen to nose, cheeks and rub some onto the front and back of my neck, before a lengthy ride.

The Nivea is great even around the eyes, matches many skin-tones.

Contact lenses: I’ve got nothing… apart from wearing swimming goggles I can’t think of a way that would work well enough to not have them blow out or dry up. Readers, any suggestions or tips on this… p-l-e-a-s-e send us your thoughts?

How to keep all this on?

Ok, I wear a full face 90% of the time, which is tight to pull on and off and any makeup I’ve put on will wipe off into the helmet liner, first up… so that would waste the last 5 – 10 minutes, of getting ready.

I love the Buff scarf… there are some amazing colours and styles and Wild Earth have a quality selection… I’ve been told Aldi put some similar tube scarves out for the snow season that are also very good and less expensive, but haven’t tried these myself.

I wear a neck Buff 90% of the time to stop my helmet inner liner getting glugged with smeared creams and assist with sun and wind protection and hey, they look great with the variety of bright colours and patterns. I place it over my head so top opening is about level with the top of my ears, the bottom rests on my jacket collar. I pull my helmet on and the buff will move down a bit with that action so adjust it to sit under my eyes with the sides tucked in firmly to the sides of helmet. Glasses will sit slightly on top of the Buff on bridge of nose and if you position it right, there will be no fogging of glasses or visor. It also holds my long hair in place if it’s tucked into the top of my jacket, so another win especially if I leave my hair loose.

There is another method to make a balaclava in the included YouTube videos you could try also.

Balaclava method

Helmet head

Over the years I have mainly had long hair; going through some old pics a few months back I saw myself in the early 90s with an actual mullet! OMG, but it actually looked ok; I was a tall, slender, dark brunette back then… not sure I’d get away with that styling now. Point being, I have always had some kind of layered styled cut, where I am able to give the top of my head a good rub to lift up that flattened look. Helmet head while unavoidable can be lessened by a good cut and/or the inventive use of a head scarf or Buff.

If I jump off my bike and my hair is as flat as that squished roadkill a way-back, I just bring the Buff up over my head and use it as a funky head scarf.

Here are some other great ideas on how to use one…

Some of the other neck-tubes come in different thicknesses so also great for winter.  I like the way they seal my neck from the bottom of the helmet, tucking into the top of the jacket, especially comforting when sitting at traffic lights with a swarm of bees surrounding you. Also wetted, on a warm day will cool you.

Hair flying loose

I love the feel of riding with unrestrained hair. I’ll put oil onto the ends prior to riding; it doesn’t get too knotty and sometimes I’ll finger comb it when stopped for a while. I don’t like tying it up, as when I get off I forget to undo it… I just like the feminine look it gives when flowing out.

I’ve recently come across a product for when you don’t wish to have your hair flying in the breeze all day but not keen to tie or plait it either. Like WOW!

How cool is this High Tail Hair device. Tuck your hair into a cloth pocket and when the helmet is removed the hair flows out. This ingenious device attaches easily to the rear underside of the helmet and to use it’s as simple as reaching behind and tucking the hair into the stretchy pocket…

Those with open face helmets are further challenged, so please send in your makeup and hair tips you swear by… include your pics and if your ideas are published you’ll score a year’s free subscription to Madam Rider.

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