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The Barbering Biker… Adventure before Dementia

It wasn’t until a long while later Chris was able to access a record player, to play it and she recalls, ‘It was like this light bulb went off in my head… I thought oh my God there’s stuff out there… there’s culture and music so I started looking into music, then getting right into artists like Bob Dylan. I began writing poetry and lyrics and exploring painting and sculpture… trying to unlock the parts of my brain that had never been talked about.



Stupidly Fast

By the age of 12, she was tinkering with her own bikes, pulling bits off to look and learn, then reassembling them. It was soon apparent that Kim had high expectations of having a bike that could really perform. When one of her 125 cc bikes just wasn’t cutting it, a suggestion was made that something could be stuck in the headers. She looked curiously at the little bike and wondered, ‘What’s the header?’


Tiki touring the Wairarapa

Refreshed and eager to get back into the saddles, we discovered a different rural road east of Ekatahuna, then we turned south at Alfredton onto what could only be best described as a sheep-droving highway, by way of the sheep poo that completely littered the road, with dodgy fencing and way too friendly hawk’s; it sure made for an interesting ride.


Crossroads and Sand Dunes

As the day progressed, her focus, strength and belief in herself surfaced. Throttling away those earlier self-limitations, she was upping the ante! She’d gone from just wanting to get to the end to… ‘No, stuff that! No one’s going on my bike, I’m doing it all myself… I’m not letting anybody help me with any of it.



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