The book cover showed the back of a woman clad in motorcycle leathers, sitting astride a red bike that was clearly built for speed, salt crystals were clinging like crusted diamonds to her rear tyre.  Her helmeted head was turned slightly, suggesting she was gazing at the distant horizon across the stark-white salt lake, perhaps focusing on the milestone markers that were mere dots in the distance.

The rider is a land speed record chaser.  The rider is Kim Krebs.


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As Donna rode further into the desert, instead of succumbing to the extreme toll on her body, she found herself getting stronger. Mentally and physically, she was pushed and pulled, her dogged determination kept her going, refusing to give in. ‘On the days when I thought, surely…


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‘I’ve done many road trips, mostly solo, though none this big. There’s something different about an outback run; it’s an awakening of the soul. There’re magic healing powers… it’s not something you see, rather something you feel… so much alone time, yet no loneliness. Reflection of…


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