Ducati Panigale 119S and V4s motorcycle review


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To Name or Not to Name

A piece of machinery is an inanimate object, right… metal, moving parts, other lifeless materials thrown into the mix for good measure… or is it? Does anyone’s bike resemble this: showing no sign of life; lifeless, lacking any sign of life or consciousness; appearing dead; lacking vitality; spiritless; dull?



Ducati Panigale 1199S & V4S Review – Bloodcurdling Red

I love hearing the loud bang-pop when accelerating firmly and it’s so addictive I find myself changing down a gear just to repeat the action to hear the sound again.


LAMS Review: Honda CB500F and Yamaha MT-03

Teresa is 170 cm and her steed is a 2020 Honda CB500F; Tania at 158 cm chose a 2017 Yamaha MT-03. Together we rode to a local café, The Big Cow at Te Poi, for lunch, a popular spot for all sorts of motoring enthusiasts, out with their gleaming bikes and grunty hot rods enjoying the gorgeous summer day and a coldie or two…


2008 Suzuki GSX 650F & 2012 Honda VFR 800

Toni is a cheerful, outgoing, beautifully curvaceous, 168cm (5’6”) tall woman, matured around the 60th year, living in Adelaide, who loves to ride. In fact, she loves riding so much, she owns two bikes of different brands, in the sports touring category. Being older models are a bonus, placing them in a very affordable price bracket, yet still boasting…



LAMS Honda CB500f

LAMS Yamaha MT 03

Suzuki GSX 650F

Honda VFR 800


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