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Brrrrr…  feelin’ frosty

Okay, for those of you who ride where winter means snow, black ice lurking on shady bends, sleet slicing through leathers and freezing rain is considered a good day, 13o is downright sub-tropical, but not so, for south-east Queenslanders. The coldest day last winter was 12o C, bleak, foggy and spoken of in compassionate, hushed tones for those that rode.


Love at first sight…

Leigh-Ann’s favourite place to ride is usually a coastal destination, though in saying that, practically no matter where you live in Aotearoa you’re only about an hour to the closest beach… and anything over two hours of riding is perfect.  She always stops to take photos because it’s all about the ride, the scenery, the euphoric feeling…


Who I am now

The enormous BMW adventure bike rocks violently left and right, forcing the rider to plant the left foot down several times, while fossicking for that elusive side stand; the challenge not going unnoticed by the gawking bystanders. One could almost sense their thoughts: ‘What’s the bet, 50:1?d


I wish I’d stayed on the couch

I was discussing the phenomenon of pre-ride anxiety and general worry-warting with another friend and her theory was, fear and excitement have the same effects; light-headedness, sweaty palms, fast heart rate, a sense of nervousness…


A self-care plan

He’s had a bit of work done to his innards, beefed up with a Stage 4 kit to a very fit and powerful 117 hp; in conjunction with his bold, bright and glittering colour, his wide stance, this eye-catcher not only looks sexy as hell, but verifiably goes like the clappers… making a powerful statement, wherever he goes.


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