The Choice of Logo

The logo is a graphic, transposed from a photograph of a real person in my whānau. The graphic has been altered a couple of times since to get it right… I wanted the branding to represent a woman having a great time, show her femininity, some sassiness, a little wild, with a bit of attitude, classy and fun… to become the face of Madam Rider Australasia ™ 

The Choice of Name

The name was derived using the origins of these words:

Madam  as a respected way to address a lady, whether they are young, married, single, mature aged… the word comes from Old French origins, ma dame, meaning “my lady” and was typically used in earlier days within Australia and New Zealand, e.g. May I help you with that, Madam?

Rider to encompass all women who ride, are learning, wanting to, or pillion… without defining who they are because of their style of riding, demographics or lifestyle choices.

Australasia  because we are bound in many ways, under the Southern Cross, just “across the ditch” from each other, similar in so many ways of thinking, climate, lifestyles… we can share each other’s stories without having any “them and us” characterising us.

The Choice of Slogan

So many amazing stories amongst us of achievements that we have experienced on our motorcycles… yet the actual person who has done the amazing, doesn’t usually think of themselves as being any different… or extraordinary in any way.

Just having the courage to jump on a petrol-fuelled engine to risk life and limb riding through city streets to work, race around a track on the weekend, jump over sand dunes for fun, or dodge wombats and kangaroos on the route for lunch… is something to be damn proud of and considered extraordinary, so… be proud of who you are, hold that head up high and say, yes… I am extraordinary

My lady who rides…

Madam Rider AustralasiaWomen experiencing their extraordinary

The Choice of Red

…the red tone chosen is to represent the positive symbology of the colour, including courage, passion, love, determination, sensitivity, joy, strength, willpower, action, radiance, sassiness and of course… lipstick!