Personally I’ve been riding since a teenager from the late 70s up until my daughter was about 5 months old.  Had a bit of a break over the child rearing years and I’ve ridden many road bikes, played a bit on the dirt, but really just love the open spaces, the freedom and clarity it gives me…

I am a lover of road trips, both long country roads and twisties on overload… lots and lots of stories there, but for another time; this section is about you…

Over the last few years I’ve noticed the number of women riders growing considerably, with motorcycling of all genres becoming popular for all ages and life stories. Riding can give a sense of achievement… empower us, give us strength and positivity in our lives… confidence built to make us more courageous and self-assured in our everyday lives… professionally and personally.

The idea behind Madam Rider Australasia™ is to give something unique to the women of the Southern Cross… motivate us to shine. A publication specific to our type of lifestyle, approaching subjects relating to how we live, our roads, the seasons, the people, the places where we can go… the freedom that Australia and Aotearoa provide that is in such contrast to other parts of the world… a publication to help inspire and encourage you and showcase other women just like you… mothers, daughters, aunties, grandmas, sisters… doing things on our bikes that gets us out there, riding on the wind…

Enjoying some off-the-bike time in Tassie, 2020

So sticking along those lines, I saw an opportunity to follow my passion to combine motorcycling with the empowerment of my sister riders to share the stories of many every-day ladies who have chosen this lifestyle… or it has chosen you, who have motorcycles in their core. Lets discuss the challenges we face, learning techniques and finding strength not only for the riding, but also how we cope in the (still) mainly, male orientated industry and overcome other pursuits, because we are women riders… lets brag about how we get to enjoy it all and have fun like nothing else.

So please send in your stories of your riding and how it makes you feel… funny, sad, technical, any skills you’d like to share, tried-and-true fashion or beauty tips, misadventures, any special know-hows passed down from previous generations… whatever keeps you riding, or what has stopped you even…

If your story is chosen to be published, you will be contacted for details pertaining to the originality of the story and confirmation it has not been previously published elsewhere. Accompanying pictures will need to be in original format where possible, good quality; a clear shot from your smart phone is perfect. Sharing stories with our readers, from our readers is something we’re excited about.

All reader stories accepted for publication will receive a year’s subscription to Madam Rider. If you feel like you have the writing or photography bug following on from that, please contact us for an opportunity to become a regular contributor where you may be paid for your contributions.

Please note this is a magazine targeted for women readers, empowering each other being a top priority; each reader story is of their personal experience and views and not of Madam Rider Australasia™

Let’s be considerate to each other, lift each other up… always.


We would love for you to send in some pics of yourself and your wind sisters out enjoying yourselves, challenging your extraordinary… If you’re happy to have them posted, please supply a caption of your first name and the area where the ride was.  Please note they need to be clear resolution, owned by you, or attach the written permission and contact details from the (professional) photographer, for publication in Madam Rider. The photographer will be credited under the picture and if they wish, can receive a generous discount into the Business Directory.

The best pic sent in for each edition will get a year’s free subscription to Madam Rider Australasia™ 


We are always on the lookout for women who’d like to write a review on bikes and products, so if you feel that could be a gig you’d also enjoy, please get in touch and we can discuss details.

To increase your chances of being published:

…for a reader story, the word count is to be no more than 800 words. Please have your stories with correct spelling and punctuation prior to submission. Pictures that accompany your story need to be clear resolution, owned by you, or have the written permissions from the photographer, for publication in Madam Rider. The photographer will be credited under the picture and if they wish, can receive a generous discount into the Business Directory.

Email all reader stories and pictures to:

We are developing as we grow, a work in progress… with our reader’s support, each edition getting better, as we learn what you’d like to see, read and discuss… so expect some exciting upgrades to the website in the coming months.

…for Freelance Journalists and Photographers, please read that section for details.