MADAM RIDER  AUSTRALASIA is the original online magazine for the target audience of women motorcycle enthusiasts, throughout Australia and New Zealand.

First launched 29 March 2021, already with nearly 30,000 readers.

We are a work in progress, developing as we grow… producing a magazine with a fresh take on the women motorcyclists within Australasia. We keep it real by empowering them with stories of ordinary women, being extraordinary, involving them and showcasing them.

With our reader’s support and the growing support from the business community, each change of publication continues to improve. Constantly keeping abreast of our reader’s needs, giving them something different because we are unique here in many ways. We listen to what they like to see and discuss…

Madam Rider is a respectful publication, where readers can share their stories as well as read great articles about others, just like themselves… no matter what their riding style and skill. There is humour, technical, skilful, fashionable articles, reviews of bikes, products and services, plus more, all targeted for women riders of Australia and New Zealand.

So, our advertising needs to be specifically targeted towards that audience.

A survey we conducted earlier in 2021, returned an overwhelming 1,500 plus, positive responses from women riders across Australia and New Zealand where there were repeated 5 star recommendations for around 200 businesses, where the women would return to and support.

It was strongly indicated the women need a simple one-stop area, to seek trusted information on the businesses supplying quality products and services with terrific customer rapport, so these recommendations have formed a base for a reliable resource named Superior Services which has since become a main drawcard for our readers and advertisers alike. Each business is now listed, under a relevant category as a complimentary service, to our readers.

Australian made panniers by Naz Bags

If you, as a business, have been approached by us, to support your name within this list, it is because you have already given multiple women various 5 star services and we would love to have you on board to support your name… and of course give all our readers easier access to your services.

With financial support the business’s name will open to an exclusive webpage advertisement, within our publication, showcasing them, with links to their website and/or social media pages.

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, it’s easy enough for even the smaller business to sell wares interstate and across the ditch… from as little as $70/month (AUD and NZD) we can help spread those 5 star recommendations.

We aim to keep a clean, user-friendly website with a select number of traditional type ads also, strategically placed in primo positions, always free-to-view, as well as linking them to our social media support pages.

We are commencing our advertising sales from July 2022 as we have given Madam Rider and the reader base time to develop and the data analytics established. We already have some wonderful supporters. We aim to keep our rates low to encourage everyone to share their services with us, with discounts negotiated for long term advertising.

As our readership base has grown, so has the trust in this list, of 5 star businesses.

There is nothing quite like retail therapy and with women falling in love with their bikes and riding, they are after respectful salespersons, where they can buy their dream bike, the best servicing for their bikes, quality riding apparel, some bling, considerate personal service when dealing with a business, patience and understanding with their tech talk, greater fashion choices, the feeling of trust when they deal with a business, plus more…

Access to both traditional type adverts, within the article pages and the  Superior Services directory listings, is freely available thoughout the magazine and connected through social media.

Helmet for different bikes or to simply match our outfit.

We are open to reciprocal opportunities, so negotiation is always an option. For further details of advertising, along with detailed rates and discounts, please contact Jay D

We appreciate your advertising support… along with the increasing growth of women motorcycling enthusiasts, we hope you will enjoy being part of this exciting venture with us.