Madam Rider was a young 12 year old trying to impress a neighbourhood boy by nabbing her dad’s CB 100 to show off with. He completely ignored her, but she fell in love with motorcycles instead…

A lifetime of riding later, JD was inspired by a recent, particularly bone-rattling, 12,000km mind blowing ride, to launch Madam Rider and pass the baton of knowledge, feminine prowess and that special brand of Kiwi and Aussie candour to today’s Madam Rider community.

Informed by over 1,500 women surveyed, we compiled a handy resource of the highest quality, most welcoming, helpful motorcycle related businesses in Australia and New Zealand… because let’s face it, there’s a few deadest drongos we needed to weed through!

The hard work’s been done for you in our list of Superior Services, all recommended by the Madam Riders; that’s YOU.

Launched 29th March 2021, this is YOUR space; road riders, dirt riders, stunt women, women wanting to experience their extraordinary. For the bootyful babes, saucy silvers, fearless foxes, brave and wanderlust women.

The original publication specifically for women who live to ride Australia and Aotearoa because out here, things are a lot different to the rest of the world…

We are unique with our lifestyle, climate and thinking, so come join us and experience your extraordinary…

Big Stef from Bikes Burgers Beers interviewed Madam Rider for his Women on Wheels podcast series, which you can listen to here.


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We are developing as we grow, a work in progress… with our reader’s support, we’ll learn what you’d like to see and discuss… so expect continual upgrades to the website.

Thank you for your support,

Madam Rider xx