Bags & Swags

Bags & Swags

These 5 star businesses offer a terrific variety of bags, for yourself and your ride, to take on the Simpson, over the Lindis Pass, or to just look a bit old-school while carrying your precious cargo.

Hand bags, hip bags, backpacks, saddle bags, luggage sacks, satchels, swags… all types of bags, luggage and bike sized swags.

All have been highly recommended by your peers.

The Superior Services that have been contacted to support their name, have a photo to click on for further details; the remaining names are not linked at this stage.

AU Flying Solo

AU Naz Bags

VIC Andy Strapz

VIC Bikers Gear

WA Jack Stillman


From a survey done, with over 1,500 responses, almost 200 businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand, received repeat recommendations by the women motorcyclists of Australasia, for giving superior service, value for money, quality products and consideration to their needs as a woman customer. That list is shared to you, to become a reliable and updated resource, for all your motorcycling needs, where you can shop in a supportive environment.

Some names will link to an advertisement page and the business website… this is a paid feature to help support the magazine. Other business names remain an unlinked resource, at this stage.

This list will remain as a free service to our readers and if there are any other businesses, you come across in your travels, that have a place here, please contact us and we will update the directory.

Thank you and let’s support these businesses… that support us.

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